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Last update: May 3, 2021


Greece is Europe's next expat destination of choice

A couple could live comfortably there for as little as $2,000 a month, according to International Living. "We've seen a sharp uptick in online traffic to our Greece content in 2021, with the overall traffic to our Greece pages up 41% in the first three months of 2021, when compared to the last period (Oct-Dec) of 2020," says Jennifer Stevens, Executive Editor, International Living.

Story at WGMZ

American expats traveling to get vaccine shots

Travels from Thailand to Guam. Story at Guam Post

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Increasing expat rejections in Norway

Story at News English Norway

Retiring to Greece

I recently spent 10 days meeting nearly a dozen retirees here. And my take-away is this: Greece is everything the U.S. is not in the best possible way…and everything the U.S. is not in some frustrating ways (especially in terms of bureaucracy or following societal rules)... retiring to Greece isn’t so bureaucratic. For North Americans, Australians, and residents of non-EU countries, the primary hurdle to legal residence is simply proving you have adequate income—€2,000 a month (around $2,250)—and health insurance. With that, you can get a one-year residence permit that you can then renew annually."

Story at International Living

How important are Spanish language skills for expats in Spain?

Story at Euro Weekly News

American expats travelling home to get vaccine

Story at The Hill

Expats from UK complain that EU not honoring agreements

Story at UK Express

Indian expats in UAE worried over mutant strain in india, delayign travel there

Story at Gulf News

Expats in Greece complain of trouble getting vaccine

Story at MSN News

Greece and the digital nomads

Greece is also planning visas and offering a 50% income tax cut for seven years for professionals who move there."

Story at Yahoo News

Living as an expat in Mexico

Mexico City

...the healthcare system in Mexico is not great for poor Mexicans, but as an expat, you would not be subject to the same healthcare in Mexico as the field worker making the equivalent of USD $10 per day. Remember, as an American expat, you are, from the perspective of a poor Mexican working the field, a rich foreigner. And rich foreigners (as well as rich Mexicans) have superb healthcare in Mexico; for 90% or more illnesses, the healthcare in Mexico is much better than the healthcare for a middle-class American living in the US, even for the same price, which it definitely is not...

Story at Forbes Magazine

Spain and its UK expat population

Does Spain want to keep its population of expat pensioners from the UK?

With 108,000 UK pensioners in Spain, the issue of annual income levels (required to be at £21,000 by the Spanish gov't) is running into the UK’s state pension being just over £6,500 a year.

Story at UK Express

Thailand's effort to attract "golfing expats"

Story at The Thaiger

The concept of the "micro-pension"

Story at Daily Pioneer

Popularity for buying homes in Greece by foreign nationals

National  Garden in Athens, Greece with palms and a stone walkway

...there is a strong demand from foreigners ...most of them are Europeans (British, French, Germans, Austrians, Swiss, etc.)...

Story at Ta Nea [in Greek - for translation, use Google Translate]

More on Greece

Puerto Rico seeking digital nomads

San Juan Puerto Rico

This subset of independent workers are often called “Digital Nomads,” since they rely on digital technology to keep up a lifestyle that allows them to see the world while they earn a living. They manage this by working from places with a similar or lower cost of living while garnering wages tied to higher-cost locations.

“It takes time to figure out how to make it all work, but the benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks,” said Paul Butcher, a digital nomad from the UK who is currently living in Costa Rica...

Story at Tico Times

Singapore distributing vaccione to expats

Story at HCA Mag

Helping expats to understand China

Story at CGTN

Tips for expats emigrating from South Africa

Story at Fin Global

Choosing a bank in Portugal for expats

Story at Portugal Resident

Expats and New Zealand and the pandemic changes

Story at stuff.co.nz

Pricing a retirement in Phuket, Thailand for American expats

Story at The Thaiger

Bangkok Thailand

Covid control and Hong Kong expats

Story at Bloomberg

British expats on Majorca

Story at Majorca Daily Bulletin

What I wish we had known: moving abroad

Conde Naste Traveller "Women Who Travel" podcasts.

As vaccinations increase and the world begins to slowly open up, the idea of becoming a digital nomad—working remotely while traveling every few months to a new destinations—sounds more and more appealing."

Story at CN Traveler

Expats leaving Oman

Registering their exit at Gulf News

Imbroglio between EXPATs and quarantine effort in Hong Kong

Story at Global Times

More Hong Kong: Vaccination bookings in Hong Kong increase - MSN News

South Korea focus on foreign workers for Covid testing

Story at Korea Joongang Daily

How health insurance for expats gets cancelled in Saudi Arabia - Saudi Expatriates

The top locations for working abroad

...The job market has witnessed many changes over the past few months. The Covid-19 pandemic that is being battled across the globe has redefined major operations and processes, placing companies in every industry under pressure to make the transition to virtual workplaces..."

The global job market, and how the jobs themselves work, has been radically changed by the pandemic. Cities, such as Hong Kong, which were perennially on the top of the charts for "preferred global cities" have experienced dramatic drops in that preference, now replaced by other options. The rise of Athens, Greece (for example) is a reflection of that countrie's government intentionally structuring laws to draw in the self-employed global worker and the distance empoyee.

When the pandemic pressures have faded even more, the expectation for other governments to get into a bidding war to draw expat workers and "digital nomads" will probably intensify.

Story at MSN News

With Black Sea and Caucasus Mountains nearby, Georgia becomes hotbed for Digital Nomads

Bridge of Peace over the Kura River in Tbilisi, Georgia

Story at Yahoo News

Tax myths for US Citizens abroad

For Americans living abroad, tax misinformation tends to thrive in online expat communities where incorrect advice is quick to be shared and hard to be corrected, particularly in the age of coronavirus.

Part 1 at Bloomberg Tax

Part 2 at Bloomberg Tax

Expat leaves UAE after 44 years

Story at Gulf News

"I Became an Expat in the Middle of the Pandemic – It Was a Lot Easier Than I Thought" – story at MSN News/Forbes

International Retirement Writer Jim Santos on being expat

The book is unique in that it is not a "how-to" book or even a "why to" book. Instead, it is an insider's look from someone who has lived life abroad and written for travel/retirement publications. Using informative and often amusing examples from his own life and travels, the author tackles questions and myths he has heard in his experiences meeting other expats as well as talking with potential expats via email and at conventions.

Story at Yahoo Finance

"On being a French expat" - Yahoo

Big drop in numbers of international students in USA - VOA News

Being an expat in the Netherlands

Story at I Am Expat

Expat frustration: unrecognized residency cards leads to three days sleeping at airport in Spain

Story at Olive Press

Expat exits from the Gulf States "threatens the economy"

Story at Bloomberg and at Nasdaq

"...GCC countries are experiencing an accelerating shift in the labour market due to an exodus of expatriates" - Trade Arabia


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