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Last update: November 15, 2022


Comparing the new Hong Kong visa to Singapore'sYahoo News

Hong Kong was hit by a "brain drain" by the double whammy of Covid and changes in Hong Kong as China accelerated control. Many left for Singapore, but now Hong Kong is trying to reverse the exit-flow and lure back talent.

Singapore in August announced its own long-term work visas to ease a tight labor market, targeted toward foreigners earning S$360,000 ($253,530) annually. For some, Hong Kong’s visa changes are sorely needed.

British expats distancing themselves from the term "expat" – phys.org

There are 5.5 million Brits living outside of the U.K. who would normally be defined as expatriates, but the term "expat" has become problematic because of Brexit.

Expats in Guatemala in trouble for smuggling artifactsSF Gate

Two Americans, one a photographer and the other a connoisseur of Mayan folk art, are facing charges of smuggling pre-Hispanic artifacts in Guatemala Tuesday in a case that has roiled the normally tranquil tourist-magnet town of Antigua.

Best locations in Greece for retirementGreek City Times

The Acropolis in Athens under sunny blue skies in Greece

Fact of expat life: tearful goodbyesIrish Times

Australia: why expats decide to come homeThe Australian

Bali provides 10 year visa for $FeeTime Out

As you can probably imagine, there’s a catch to Indonesia’s ten-year visa scheme – and it’s a pretty huge one. To qualify for the visa, you’ll need to have at least two billion Indonesian rupiah in your bank account. That amounts to around £111,000 or $128,500 in savings – which is, to most people, a heck of a lot of money.

The changing of expat culture in Chinalaw.com

Hong Kong City

Hong Kong effort to trim the exodus of expats has not worked thus farYahoo News

"Best place for expats? Also its the happiest"UK Express

The article doesn't really explain the methodology from "the expert team at William Russell " for producing their list (which, not counting New Zealand1927 Sunrise Tand Australia, only includes European countries in their "top tem"), but it does give a quick over view of the each of the locations.

The new "nomad visa" for expats in Spain UK I News

New travel requirements for expats and tourists coming to PhilippinesKhaleej Times

Costa Rica Expat LivingTico Times

What does it really cost to exit the USA?

Article surveys the costs one can expect for moving overseas belongings, the kinds of official papers that must be gathered, and a host of other issues that must be addressed before "making the big move."

Story at Yahoo News

In 2019, there were over 10 million Americans living outside of the US and the numbers are growing each year. Whether citizens are leaving for a better quality of life or to escape the rising prices of goods in the states, people are leaving the country left and right.

While relocating and living abroad may be in your plans, there are multiple steps you need to take before embarking on your journey. Securing legal documents, paying taxes, and moving your belongings overseas are just a few things you’ll need to address before your big move..."

The "culture shock list" for Americans going to Australia

Story at UK Daily Mail

"The impactful Expat"

Story at Yahoo News


AMAZON: The Expert Expat: Your Guide to Successful Relocation Abroad

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