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Expectations and advantages for relocating into South AmericaMerco Press

Article talks about cultural differences on time perception, that the cultures of the South are more "fluid," such that events scheduled for 8PM, for example, may very well start much later. Language barriers are that on average only 5% to 15% of natives will have English language skills.

The 10 best relocation ‘expat-friendly’ countries

Story at Indian Express

The article succinctly discusses these countries: Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Bahrain, Panama, Taiwan, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Thailand, Philippines

Can you be an expat?The Costa Rica News

The nitty-gritty of relocating is discussed: jobs, health care, basic finances

Elliniko, just outside Athens, Greece to be Europe's largest smart city with 6.2 million square meters

"Ellinikon is a megascale future-city project envisioned by Greece. It will be spanned over a staggering 6,200 acres."

Story at MSN IE

Educated Abroad: Enrolling at Universities in Europe 2024/2025 - 192 pages - A one-stop resource for international, expat, and third-culture kids and looking to enroll at universities in Europe for their undergraduate studies. International, Expat & Third-Culture Kid Edition – AMAZON

Living six months in the USA and six months in Greece

Story at MSN Business Insider 

The best locations for expats in Europe wanting lower taxesMSN UK Daily Express

Expat in France "getting the locals to love you"

Story at aol.com

Advice that's applicable in many more countries than just France:

The single most important thing you can do to get French people to love you is to make an effort to speak the language. If you can’t communicate with people, how do you expect to form a connection with them? It doesn’t matter if your French is faltering – you’ll always find people ready to be patient with you. What they’re not likely to be so patient with is the arrogance of expecting everyone else to make the effort and speak in English just for you."

Expat picks for top five Spanish-speaking locationsCape Argus MSN

Key points to focus on for moving to SpainWales Online MSN

"Top choices" for expat homebuyers in Saudi ArabiaMSN Money Saudi Moments

Expat guide to the "best bars in the USA"Food and Wine

[I was walking along in Eureka Springs, Arkansas (a top tourist destination in the Ozarks, perhaps only Branson, Missouri compares) and two ladies were walking along, a little worse for wear after going from place to place on the main street, and they were saying how they were compiling a list of the "best bars in America," and that they had travelled from the Florida panhandle to the Ozarks with this mission in mind.]

American expats: preparing for the IRS in 2024Forbes

The U.S. tax season is nearing, and most Americans are probably going to have to file. Most U.S. citizens are probably familiar with the April 15 deadline. However, it may not be as common to know that U.S. citizens living abroad are still required to file their U.S. taxes. The April 15 deadline is a tax deadline expats should strive to meet."

The easiest European country to move to from Britain? Hungary!UK Express

American expat moves to Singapore and not for the moneyAsia One

How to Become an Expat: and move out of the U.S.: the Detailed "How-To" Guide - 298 pages - updated Sept 2022 - AMAZON

The most attractive migration schemes in 2024

A discussion of the residency and long-term investment/residency programs in the countries Malta, Portugal, Greece, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada and Spain. Story at Businessday

The massive cost change in Greece's Golden Visa program in 2024VOA News

A leap to over $800K in costs for the "Golden Visa" is only applied to certain high-in-demand locatiosn within Greece.

Golden Visas and the Ellinikon Development in Greece

View toward Ellinikon area Athens Greece

View toward Ellinikon area of Athens, Greece click to enlarge photo – it is between Glyfada Beach and Kalamaki Beach.

The Ellinikon area near Athens is situated along the Mediterranean waters of the Saronic Gulf and has undergone extensive development, featuring hotels, condos, and entertainment venues. Often referred to as "the Greek Riviera" and "the Greek Gold Coast," this expansive zone was previously home to a vast airport complex utilized by the United States military and, subsequently, by the Greeks for various smaller projects. Nestled adjacent to Glyfada, Greece, an established expat community, the area has been earmarked for high-profile projects. Notably, the current Greek government, enjoying remarkable popularity since June 2019, recently secured another four-year term to pursue ongoing reforms within Greece's state system.

The Golden Visa program has proven to be an economic success for Greece, aiding in the recovery from the economic fallout of the 2008 collapse, during which the country assumed a substantial amount of international loans. The current government has achieved notable progress in addressing some of the largest loans, paying off several ahead of schedule, and systematically navigating through others. The influx of foreign investment, coupled with impressive tourist numbers, has led to a significant surge in rents and home prices in Athens. This surge poses a challenge for the government, which is now actively working to strike a balance between providing affordable housing and fostering continued growth as more people choose to settle in the area.

The development surrounding the construction of the Ellinikon project often intersects with the "Golden Visa" program. This initiative enables foreigners to acquire a property and, for €250K (or €500K in specific high-demand areas), secure a residential visa. As 2024 unfolds, it appears that the momentum of the program will persist, driven by continued foreign investment and an influx of individuals seeking residency in Greece.

More about Greece

Italy Don't Do It Guide

What Not to do in Italy Guide Book - 209 pages, published September 2023 – Amazon. I am an Amazon Affiliate, I may earn a commission on any sales of items sold.

Is 2024 the year you become an Expat because of politics?Los Angeles Times MSN

According to Gallup, record numbers of Americans seriously considered leaving the United States during Trump’s term. Sixteen percent said they wanted to split for good. This was considerably higher than during the administrations of George W. Bush (11%) and Barack Obama (10%)..."

The pluses - and negatives - for a Brit moving to the Netherlands

Story at GB News MSN

Earning power in London higherNZ Stuff

Learning Spanish to have a more effective expat experience

Story at Dominican Today

I know many foreign expats and retirees who make it just fine in the Dominican Republic without knowing much Spanish. It’s possible, especially if you live in a community or area with many English-speaking expats. That said, I’d recommend trying to learn Spanish, even if it’s at the most basic level.

Looking at 2024 retirement goals

Story at Forbes

A quick look at the basics for planning on retirement: finances, health, under what conditions you want to experience your retirement.

Moving from NYC to South Korea - what's the major problems?Business Insider

Teng has been documenting her journey of discovering the surprising things she experiences in South Korea on TikTok. She has more than 32,000 followers who enjoy watching her navigate life in Korea, from photoshopped passport pictures to clubs turning down entry to foreigners.

Norway is ranked as one of the safest places on the planet for expats: however its also one of the worst places for expats for other reasons

Story at UK Express

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