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Expat pension risk due to "maze" of regulationsBloomberg

For the millions of expats who leave pension pots behind as they job-hop through the world’s financial hubs, retrieving that money has become a costly experience fraught with peril..."

Mint's look at best and worst countries for affordability

Story at Live Mint

Mumbai remains most expensive location in India for expatsZeebiz

Again this year: Hong Kong and Singapore top global list of the world’s most expensive cities for expatriatesBusiness Times

And Swiss destinations also remain high.

World's "most expensive" cities for expats

Story at CNN News

The report examined 226 cities based on the comparative cost of over 200 items in each location. Transportation, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment costs examined.

Expat Secrets of Mexico

Is Mexico a land of enchantment and easy living or a dangerous nightmare best avoided at all costs? Misinformation abounds about Mexico.... 223 pages, Amazon

Written in an easy-to-read manner by an international bestselling author and Mexican resident of 16 years. It reveals eight of the best locations for expat living on virtually any budget, and comprehensively describes everything you've ever wondered about relocating but were afraid to ask. "

Since 2020, Americans taking up residence in other countries has skyrocketed

Story at Barrons MSN

This is more in the nature of a statement of fact versus an analysis from Barrons which requires a longer article behind their paywall in order to see the actual story on the subject. But, the rise of Americans shopping their residency worldwide has grown during the 21st century.

The changing (and ending) of the Golden Visa in Europe – Euroweeklynews

June 8, 2024

Italy, Greece, Malta and Hungary are changing their plans while Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands have ended theirs. The Greek Golden Visa plan doesn't currently require actual residency in Greece while holding a "Golden Visa."

About the Golden Visa and the Ellinikon Development in Greece

Taverna Restaurant in Greece

The most "stress free" cities of Europe for expats Forbes

Forbes talks about Munich, Vienna, the Nordic countries and Portugal.

Writers who fall in love with Greece

"Ready to quit your job, move abroad and write a book? Go to Greece"

Story at Sydney Morning Herald 

Spending an afternoon in Austria "like a local"The Local AT and is Vienna a "happy city?" – The Local AT

Living in Europe for less than £1,000 [approximately $1,250 USD]UK Express MSN

Article discusses location costs in the country of Romania, the city of Lisbon (Portugal), Bucharest and the country of Bulgaria.

Why are so many Americans moving to Southern USA cities?Yahoo Lifestyle

The main two locations are Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Wilmington, North Carolina.

So you want to live in Mexico? This is how much it will costMSN Travel Mexico Solo

I moved to Mexico in 2018. Back then, I got tons of "but it’s so unsafe" warnings... however, after the you-know-what in 2020, many of those same people were able to work remotely, and they traveled to Mexico in droves to do so..."

Escaping "suffocating health care" costs and divisive politics, Americans move to ItalyBusiness Insider

Article talks about Europe's expensive rents, that Americans who moved to Europe have told BI that their quality of life has improved. They also talk about the cost of living in 13 cities from Helsinki to Berlin.

There used to be a seemingly clear-cut path to retirement in the United States. People worked until 65, then left the workforce with the help of Social Security and personal savings. That began shifting in the 1980s when Americans gravitated toward defined-contribution plans — like 401(k)s — instead of defined-benefit plans like pensions. This has shifted more responsibility onto employees to determine how much to invest and save. "Put simply, the shift from defined benefit to defined contribution has been, for most people, a shift from financial certainty to financial uncertainty," BlackRock CEO Larry Fink wrote in a 2024 letter to investors..."

The article then talks about how Italy has a "top twenty" in the world retirement system, though this would mean not just moving to Italy, but expatriating, and of having some time to plan ahead to achieve it. Another article about Americans going to Italy, with anecdotal stories, is "Two teachers bought a $25,000 Italian lake house instead of spending more to move back to the US. Take a look" – Business Insider.

Italy Don't Do It Guide

What Not to do in Italy Guide Book - 209 pages, published September 2023 – Amazon. I am an Amazon Affiliate, I may earn a commission on any sales of items sold.

The European Hotspot in Greece

Story at MSN Travel GB News

Greece represents the pinnacle of Mediterranean charm, offering a warmer climate and a slower lifestyle to expats from the UK."

For more Greece info, see this page Living in Greece Information @ Athens Greece Now

Government spokesman Pavlos Marinakis announced that unemployment in Greece had reached its lowest level in 15 years

Story at Protothema [in Greek]

Expectations and advantages for relocating into South AmericaMerco Press

Article talks about cultural differences on time perception, that the cultures of the South are more "fluid," such that events scheduled for 8PM, for example, may very well start much later. Language barriers are that on average only 5% to 15% of natives will have English language skills.

Just a "Head's Up" type of news article: Is Putin's next target to distract the West to creating turmoil in the Balkans?Politico

The 10 best relocation ‘expat-friendly’ countries

Story at Indian Express

The article succinctly discusses these countries: Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Bahrain, Panama, Taiwan, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Thailand, Philippines

Can you be an expat?The Costa Rica News

The nitty-gritty of relocating is discussed: jobs, health care, basic finances

Elliniko, just outside Athens, Greece to be Europe's largest smart city with 6.2 million square meters

"Ellinikon is a megascale future-city project envisioned by Greece. It will be spanned over a staggering 6,200 acres."

Story at MSN IE

Educated Abroad: Enrolling at Universities in Europe 2024/2025 - 192 pages - A one-stop resource for international, expat, and third-culture kids and looking to enroll at universities in Europe for their undergraduate studies. International, Expat & Third-Culture Kid Edition – AMAZON

Living six months in the USA and six months in Greece

Story at MSN Business Insider 

The best locations for expats in Europe wanting lower taxesMSN UK Daily Express

Expat in France "getting the locals to love you"

Story at aol.com

Advice that's applicable in many more countries than just France:

The single most important thing you can do to get French people to love you is to make an effort to speak the language. If you can’t communicate with people, how do you expect to form a connection with them? It doesn't matter if your French is faltering – you’ll always find people ready to be patient with you. What they’re not likely to be so patient with is the arrogance of expecting everyone else to make the effort and speak in English just for you."

Expat picks for top five Spanish-speaking locationsCape Argus MSN

Key points to focus on for moving to SpainWales Online MSN

"Top choices" for expat homebuyers in Saudi ArabiaMSN Money Saudi Moments

Expat guide to the "best bars in the USA"Food and Wine

[I was walking along in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, a top tourist destination in the Ozarks, perhaps only Branson, Missouri compares, and two ladies were walking along ahead of me, a little worse for wear after going from place to place on the main street, and they were saying how they were compiling a list of the "best bars in America," and that they had travelled from the Florida panhandle to the Ozarks with this mission in mind. Considering their condition, I don't think this was an acheivable goal in the long term.]

American expats: preparing for the IRS in 2024Forbes

The U.S. tax season is nearing, and most Americans are probably going to have to file. Most U.S. citizens are probably familiar with the April 15 deadline. However, it may not be as common to know that U.S. citizens living abroad are still required to file their U.S. taxes. The April 15 deadline is a tax deadline expats should strive to meet."

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