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Last update: November 10, 2020


Best places in Europe for American expats 2021

"The 20 finalists were chosen from a first selection of 120 destinations."

Story at Forbes Magazine

Locked down in Paris

An expat talks about "reconfinement" - Story at Vogue

It’s a strange and ongoing reality. Been there, done that. Or, more accurately, not going there, not doing that. Reconfinement is like the movie sequel that didn’t need to get made; and already, people are wondering whether these next few weeks aren’t actually the means to an end, but the confirmation of a periodic, nationwide new routine. If other countries across Europe are also imposing strict measures to battle this second wave, confinement in France is among the most extreme. Once again, there is a permission form we must fill out in order to go out, and it stipulates the same limits on duration and distance for exercise."

Philippines stops retirement VISA program

Suspended temporarily due to huge jump in applicants from China - story at MSN News

For more about expat Philippines, see our page on The Philippines.

USA stops American citizen and visa services in Turkey

Fears over kidnapping and terror plots

Story at CBS News

The problem of Expat depression

Living abroad has its rigors - story at Daily Sabah

Scandinavia dominates polling for expat "environment and sustainability ranking"

September 30, 2020 - Information gathered by InterNations.

"Finland, Sweden, Norway fill the top three places in the environment & sustainability ranking, with Denmark placing 6th. The U.K. placed 28th while the U.S. placed 30th. InterNations asked over 15,000 expats representing 173 nationalities and living in 181 countries to rate 65 different aspects of life abroad."

Arrticle at Forbes Magazine

The retraction of expat community in Singapore due to the pandemic

The worldwide pandemic has forced major changes in many places, and Singapore, a longtime magnet for expat living, has created impediments to hiring outside of the country.

...In the first 5 months of this year alone, 60,000 foreigners lost their jobs in Singapore. Foreign employment fell by 5.7% in the first half of 2020, compared to 2.7% in the local workforce. And for the first time since 2003, Singapore has seen a shrink in the population...

"Why It Sucks to Be An Expat In Singapore Now" by Edoardo Liotta - article at MSN News

Japan re-opening doors

"Labor-starved Japan welcomes return of foreign workers. Tokyo will open borders to non-tourists next week"

Article at NHK News Japan

Completion of Brexit means major changes for Expat community

With the coming end of the Brexit transition period on December 31, changes are impacting financial systems where expat Brits live.

Article at Yahoo News

Related article at UK Telegraph"Banks must give customers 'fair warning' before closing expat accounts, MPs warn"

Voting and the estimated nine million Americans living outside of the USA

In Hong Kong, home to about 85,000 Americans, postal workers said in August that standard mail to the United States would take two to three months to arrive. For voters registering to vote in New York state, where even if you register by email you still must sign and mail in your paperwork, standard mail is now out of the question to make the Oct. 9 deadline by which voting forms need to have been sent.

Story at Yahoo News

September 12, 2020

Kiwi expats go home

The "brain-drain-gain" benefits New Zealand - story at BBC News

Expat in the South of France

About the writer James Baldwin and a profile of him from Architectural Digest. Story at MSN News

Expats stuck outside of Kuwait

Unable to enter due to expired residency permits - story at Zawya News

Why expats are going home

Article at Forbes Magazine discusses how the numbers of expat workers are decreasing and the opportunities also. (In a somewhat similar vein is this piece at Skift which talks about the ending of the old "expat archetypes" due to present conditions).

Top ten countries that imprison the most foreigners

Story at Protothema

Expat in Oman story of airline kindness that brought together dog-owners on repatriation flight

Story at MSN News

Expat: Why I miss Dubai

Story at MSN News

Southern Spain and the drug wars (and expat safety)

Story at Emigrate UK on the endless drug-running and turf wars on the Mediterranean coastline.

Expats returning to New Zealand face self-financing 14 days of mandatory isolation

Story at MSN News

British expats biking 9,000 KM through 20 countries to raise consciousness of Alzheimer

Story at Olive Press

The 7% tax for foreign pensioners who move to Greece

Program to build the retirement community of expats in Greece - Story at UK Guardian [English]

Western Crete

Greece has gone through a difficult decade of austerity and contraction, but the last several years has seen the country improving rapidly, with a new administration (under PM Mitsotakis) steadily implementing a series of reforms to streamline business and governmental work, for example a great deal of bureaucracy has finally moved online allowing citizens (and expats) to file necessary documents and payments online.

Though the pandemic has slowed the momentum of reform, the plans to auction apartments and homes that were gathered up into bad-debt packages at banks is also going forward. Besides that, home sales in general are moving along (a source for Greek real estate is at https://homegreekhome.com)

"Why expats love Western Crete" - Story at Right Move

Low-cost tax residencies in the UAE

Article promoting UAE for expat residences and retirement. Story at Gulf News

Travel restrictions and warnings from US State Department

See info at US State Department

Expat in Greece describes difficulties during pandemic

Story at independent

Expat in Wuhan

...After 76 days, Nseke and the other residents of Wuhan are finally able to leave the city. Nseke spoke to NPR's Mary Louise Kelly about what it felt like to set foot outside his apartment for the first time in nearly three months.

April 8, 2020

Story at NPR

Coronavirus warnings from CDC and USA State Department

About travel to China

About travel to South Korea

More about this at National Insider

Travel industry impacted MSN News and at Wall Street Journal

Travel limitations and warnings in place for countries due to coronavirus

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait


Expats in Hong Kong exiting

Story at Live Mint

Expat couple on Crete

A young couple from South UK moves to Crete and builds a rural lifestyle.

Story at Greek Reporter

South Africa / Australia exchange program

Story at MSN News

Dual nationality effort for Dutch in UK

In the wake of Brexit, effort to create law to make it possible for Dutch nationals living in Britain to apply for dual nationality without giving up their Dutch passports.

Story at Dutch News

Expat families exiting from Hong Kong

Hong Kong traditionally ranks in the top ten (if not number #1) in appreciation by expats for this Chinese city, but the coronavirus has had a major and significant impact.

Story at MSN News

Crete develops expat offerings

Crete coast at night

Recently Greece began planning for construction of the second largest airport in the country on Crete. The investment is to benefit international tourism, which is a role Crete plays in a very important sector of Greek economic life, but the new airport will also bolster the business environment. Crete is a large island surrounded by the Mediterranean but also linked by air to every major city around both the European and African coasts.

Crete map in Mediterranean

Story at UK Times

And more about the new airport (which will replace Nikos Kazantzakis airport at Heraklion). Story at Greek City Times [English]

Agriculture Crete


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