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Called by some "The Boot" in reference to its shape in the south of Europe, Italy is a tourist and expat destination because of its famous history, culture, and natural beauty. Steeped in ancient history, the country has iconic landmarks drawing millions of visitors each year, and the excellent temperatures and weather provides a comfortable setting for a large expat population estimated at 5.2 million.

Population: 60 million (Source: Worldometer)

Amalfi, Italy

Italy Don't Do It Guide

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USA Embassy in Italy


Via Vittorio Veneto, 121, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

+39 06 46741

US Embassy Italy and Consoulates

Rome Embassy web page

USA Embassy in Sicily

U.S. Consular Agency Palermo Web Page

British Embassy Rome - Ambasciata Britannica

Via Venti Settembre, 80A, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

Web Site https://www.gov.uk/rome

+39 06 4220 0001

Media Sources (in English)

The Local - Italy in English

UK Guardian Italy Section

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Costs and expectations for living in Italy

Informative, straight-forward article at Investopedia

Using your money somewhere else

What can you get for €195k in Greece, France, Italy, Spain and Castlebar? - Irishtimes

Expat Americans in Italy

Recommended Reads: ‘Living in a Foreign Language’ a delicious love story

"...American expats who impulsively buy a rustico, a cottage home in Northern Italy... It’s true that they could not speak Italian when they decided to move there, but as they began to learn the language, they also learned that people communicate in many ways. It’s refreshing to read how their forays into daily, Italian life show the bright and positive parts of human nature."

Italy Expat ranking

Not such a dolce vita: Italy ranked among worst countries for expat life - thelocal.it

"The majority of foreigners living to Italy are disappointed with career prospects and salaries, according to a global survey looking at expat experiences."


LIVIN' ITALIAN An American expat's living story in Napoli - livinitalian.com

Bureaucracy 2018

Why young Italian expats are 'scared' to go home - money.cnn.com

So You Thought You Could Drive…in Italy - Wall Street Journal [Paywall]

AMAZON: The Expert Expat: Your Guide to Successful Relocation Abroad

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