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Expat Novels and Books

Expat experiences put into writing go well beyond the chore of assembling facts about a place, but record the human feelings impacted by a (previously) foreign culture and location. If the author loves a location, that comes across, and if an author dislikes or has made themselves confront the good and the bad about a place, it is a window into that world through another person's humanity.

An American Jew in Berlin

June 2019: "What it means to be Jewish in modern-day Germany..."

Disposable Man by author Michael Levitin, based on his own time living in the Kiez from 2004 to 2009. Review and description of the book at The Local.

Disposable Man by Michael Levitin

The Collected Greece

This book Fodor's The Collected Traveler: Greece collects 30 pieces of journalism and writing about Greece that spans decades (and centuries on occassion) along with a hefty introduction by the editor (Barrie Kerper) that is an affectionate tribute to going to Greece, being in Greece or wanting to return. The scope of the books covers a lot - the islands, Athens, Greek food, Greek attitudes, and a regular reference in the text to the sheer historical splendor of the place.

Fodor's Athens: The Collected Traveler

AMAZON: The Expert Expat: Your Guide to Successful Relocation Abroad

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