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Population of the Republic of the Philippines: 107,190,081 (2018 estimate)

The official language of the Philippines are both Filipino (a form of the language Tagalog) and English.

The number of Americans who live in the Philippines is estimated to be between 220,000 and 600,000.

The number of Britons is estimated at 10,000.

The number of French in the Philippines is estimated at 4,000 (interestingly: over 40K Filipinos are estimated to live in France itself).

There is an estimated 900K to over 1 million Chinese in the Philippines.

Tourism often counts for as much as 10% of the total GDP of the Philippines.

Square miles of the Philippines: 115,831 (this is comparable to the state of Arizona in the USA which has a square mile size of 113,642)

Because of the various eras in the past history of the Philippines, the country is categorized as culturally molded by Malay, Spanish and American influences.

Map of Philippines

October 2020 - Current restrictions on foreigners entering the Philippines - news article at The Philippine Star - discussion of limits, the categories for those with retirment and special work VISAS, etc.

Working in the Philippines

Manila Philippines

Article at Yahoo Finances profiles a recruitment website and the effort to properly prepare expats for entering the Filipino job market.


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Philippines Links:

See this informative article about the past and future for American-Philippines relations. National Interest (via the Wayback Machine) "Why the Philippines Is America's Forgotten Colony - The two countries ought to have some kind of special relationship. Thanks to Americans' discomfort with its imperial past, they don't."

International Schools

International School Manila - K through 12 private school education in Manila

Saint Paul American School Clark - K through 12 private school education with a USA Based curriculum. Address: Jose Abad Santos Ave, Clark Freeport, Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines


Most newspapers are published in English language editions

Rappler - online news and social media

The Manila Bulletin - Manila based paper

The Manila Standard - English daily paper

United News - in Chinese

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1,228 pages - Kindle eBook and Paperback

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