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August 2018

Arab News

Kuwait terminates more than 3,000 expat public sector employees - Arab News

"The contracts were terminated as part of the Kuwaitization push to replace expat employees with nationals in the government sector."

United Kingdom

'No deal' Brexit: Raab downplays expat pension fears - Citywire UK

"....Brexit secretary pins hopes on 'cooler heads prevailing' to ensure British expats maintain access to their pensions under a 'no deal' Brexit."

Wales, UK

Why expats warm to Wales - Finglobal

Brief article is aimed at South Africans and why they should consider Wales as an expat destination, with the information applicable to many other people interested in this western UK area (bordered by England to the east, with the Irish Sea to the north and west, and the Bristol Channel in the south).

:"...When you move to Wales, you need to be aware of cwtch – an intrinsically Welsh word that evokes a sense of home. Pronounced ‘kutch’, to rhyme with ‘butch’, it’s the Welsh word for a cuddle or a hug, but it means much more than that. Its second meaning is a cubbyhole, where something is stored safely. By blending the two meanings, you get a sense of what the word means. Words like cwtch distinguish the national identity of the Welsh and it is a word often used by both Welsh speakers and English-speaking Welsh people to indicate that they are Welsh."


"Why NOT to move to the Caribbean"

Article makes a quick, common-sense survey of why Caribbean Island living would not suit some people. This is a simple overview that doesn't look on regional issues of crime higher in one place but lower in another, cost of living, etc, but instead concentrates on your own suitability for the Caribbean environment.

9 Definitive Reasons Why You Should NOT Move to the Caribbean - Huffington Post

(Another common-sense item not mentioned in this artilce is something someone told me from their own experience when I mentioned I had an interest in living in the Caribbean, and she told me basically: "you can't get anything done, the heat and the lifestyle makes effort seem unnecessary, especially for someone not used to the climate. Whole days pass with nothing accomplished but laying in a hammock or eating and seabathing. It is very detrimental to one's drive..."


What I Learned When I Quit My Job, Moved To The Caribbean, And Became My Own Boss - When Jeanna Barrett ditched her life in San Francisco to work from Belize, she initially felt anxious that she wasn’t working enough - Fast Company

"...Imagine my surprise when within my first week in Belize, I spent more than 12 hours without lights, air conditioning, a phone, water, and Internet. Living in a developing country is a lot less expensive than the U.S., but you have to be flexible and understand that things don’t work exactly as they do in the U.S. Sometimes there are scheduled and unscheduled blackouts. Sometimes Internet service will go out. Prepare for the unexpected by stocking your cupboards with candles, an extra jug of water, and dry goods you can eat without a microwave or stove. Don’t be afraid to go analog..."

Expat Lending

Marsden Building Society sees 80% rise in expat residential enquiries - UK Property Reporter


Brit expat, 60, hounded and threatened by Dubai debt collectors over £500k bill – but BANNED from working or leaving – Debt is a criminal offence in Dubai - facing three years in jail - The Sun UK


The basics: What's the cost of living? How does the banking work there with the rest of the world? What's the exhange rate? - and more:

Avoid these 6 common expat finance mistakes - Born2invest

Millionaire Expat: How To Build Wealth Living Overseas - Amazon


Almost 5,000 Expat Workers Deported From Jordan in 2018 - albawaba.com

"The deportation of workers came as a result of over 56,000 labour inspection visits aimed at ascertaining the extent to which employers commit to the Labour Law...."


One way to be legally able to stay in Scotland? Marry a UK Citizen!

US Citizen married in Scotland - amandawalkins

New Zealand

New Zealand has banned foreigners from buying homes in the country - Yahoo Finance

Expats in Spain

British expat pensioners fear no-deal brexit after already losing more than a fifth of their spending power - - it comes after the Rabobank in London warned that a no-deal Brexit could end in euro-sterling parity - Olive Press

Related: British expats in EU launch Brexit legal dispute - The Local FR

Related: The Reader: We must give British expats a meaningful say in their future - Evening Standard

8.7 million American Expats

More Americans are fleeing to cheap faraway places - NY Post

"...A whopping 8.7 million Americans are living in other countries, based on US State Department figures. And that number is only rising. The appeal? An increasing number of places with strong infrastructure, good technology and — a major selling point — a much lower cost of living than in the United States."


Iran's Official Currency Is the Rial, But Its Real Currency Is the Dollar - Real Clear Markets


Oman introduces new rules to protect expat workers - Arabian Business

Saudi Arabia

Why expatriate workers are leaving Saudi Arabia in droves -The Economic Times

...the biggest Arab economy is losing some of its allure to expats who once flocked to a country awash with petrodollars. The number of foreign workers declined by 6 percent to 10.2 million in the first three months of 2018 compared with a year ago, taking the cumulative drop over the five past quarters to about 700,000...



Uncollected garbage and infrastructure decay on the popular expat Greek island in the Ionian Sea

Plea for Corfu: British Expat invites Tsipras to visit the “Jewel” island - KP Greece

Roundup: USA Cities

Priced out of the market? Cities where the middle class can no longer afford a home - USA Today

Texas Cities Dominate List of U.S. ‘Boomtowns’ - breitbart.com

The Pension Hole for U.S. Cities and States Is the Size of Germany’s Economy - Many retirement funds could face insolvency unless governments increase taxes, divert funds or persuade workers to relinquish money they are owed - Wall Street Journal

Survey: Washington DC, Detroit, New York Among The Worst-Run Cities In U.S. - cbslocal.com

US cities Americans are abandoning - USA Today

The Price

Revealed: The world's most (and least) expensive cities - Yahoo

"...designed to show the cost of living for expatriates, takes into account housing as well as a 200-strong “international basket of goods and services” including transportation, food, clothing and entertainment. The report found that housing market instability and fluctuating inflation and currencies were impacting the cost of doing business in the various cities around the world."

Australia - Singapore

Singapore Top Destination for Australian Expats: Atlas Wealth Management Report - Yahoo Finance

"...80% of Australian expats in Singapore recommend the country as a destination to fellow Australians
55% of Australian expats have more disposable income than when they lived in Australia
40% of Australian expats previously looking to buy property in Australia have been deterred by the changes in the tax rules"

More Singapore



Paid Vacations

Which countries give the most paid vacations? - Protothema

"Americans get a raw deal "

GILTI Tax Law for Americans

U.S. expats face hammering from new tax rules - Daily Herald

"The two taxes U.S. expatriates who own businesses abroad are most concerned about: a one-time repatriation levy of as much as 17.5 percent on old foreign profits and an annual levy called Gilti -- or global intangible low-tax income -- on foreign profits going forward."

More on the gilti tax law

Wall Street Caught in Crosshairs of ‘Unforgiving’ Foreign Tax - Bloomberg

U.S. tax cuts prompt rethink by some 'inverted' companies - Reuters

Tax Options Abound for U.S. Multinationals - While companies wait for 2018 tax reform rules to be finalized, now is the time to be thinking about strategies for repatriating cash from abroad - CFO

Expat Challenges

4 Challenges Every Expat Faces When Taking a New Job Overseas - Inc Com

Article addresses challenged such as: giving up a cherished job (and a major source of income) - adjusting to a radically different culture and language - finding suitable educational choices for children.


Egyptian forum dreams up ways to attract expat money - Al Monitor

Unemployment Benefits

Which countries provide the highest unemployment benefits? - Prothema

Expat Money

New tax rules strike fear into U.S. expat business owners Multinationals face a one-time repatriation levy of up to 17.5%, plus annual Gilti levy - Investment News


An expat's guide to Paris - Los Angeles Times

"...The city was everywhere, except where we happened to be. Until the day when, out for breakfast, we bit into tartines instead of croissants. And the day we put on shoes for a walk instead of sneakers. Paris was burning away its mist of strangeness, and we were starting — just beginning — to understand."

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