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Japan re-opening doors

"Labor-starved Japan welcomes return of foreign workers. Tokyo will open borders to non-tourists next week"

September 2020 - article at NHK News Japan

Recalling a Tokyo Expat Adventure

2015 – Article at The Wall Street Journal

"My wife suggested that I sell tofu from a wooden cart on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. That was her plan for my successful re-entry into the U.S. I confess to actually considering it..."

The Expat's Guide to Growing Old in Japan: What You Need to Know - amazon

Tokyo Japan

Japan Ranks #3 in Efficient World Health Care Systems

Life Expectancy Table International

More: United Kingdom comes in at #14, and Greece ties with Germany at #30. The United States is ranked #46.

Bloomberg rankings on health care efficiency


Growing Old in Japan - an Expat Guide - Metropolis Japan

AMAZON: The Expert Expat: Your Guide to Successful Relocation Abroad

"Japanese expats warned not to drink moonshine"

October 2020 – story at NHK World Japan

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