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April 2021

Moving to Hawaii?

Forbes article:

The first thing you may want to examine in the area you’re thinking about moving to is the cost of housing. For example, in Honolulu, the average mortgage rate was 2.60% and the average principal and interest payment was $4,053 in Q3 2020. The average rental price was $3,443. ...However, the cost of living in Hawaii includes much more than just the cost of housing. There are several dozen factors to consider, which vary across the state—including food prices and average phone bill prices.

July 30, 2021

Living on $24,000 a year as an Expat in South Korea

Story at CNBC

The UAE "Golden Visa" program

Story at Alarabiya

United Arab Emirates

Fighting expat boredom in SpainUK Telegraph

Expat in Beijing, what to prepare forJewish Journal

Expat disappointment with vaccines in SpainMSN News

The most costly cities (for apartment rent) in the world

Some monthly rent average highlights:

Hong Kong: $3,700 rent for a 2-bedroom apartment

San Francisco: $3,664 rent for a 2-bedroom apartment

Tokyo: $1,740 rent for a 2-bedroom apartment

Moscow: $998 rent for a 2-bedroom apartment

New Delhi: $334 rent for a 2-bedroom apartment

Story at Protothema based on a Deutsche Bank survey.

Expats leaving China: hope for tax relief to stem the flow

Story at Forbes

Expat homesickness: British expat moves pub from England to Germany

Story at UK Mirror

There's been a rash of these stories this year:

American expat shares the secret "rules" for living in Australia

Story at UK Daily Mail

Related: American expat tips on using Australian supermarketsUK Daily Mail

Why aren't Italians buying the €1 euro houses in Italy?

The caution has to do in part with the fact that the program sounds "too good to be true."

Also the fact that these are homes that require you to devote time and money to renovating them. Spending from 7,000 to 40,000 euros (much money is spent on repairs, restorations and renovations) it is still an opportunity to buy large houses.
Another issue seems to be that these are houses that are not all connected to water and the electricity network - something that also requires time, money and some bureaucratic procedures.

Story at Skai [in Greek, use Google translate to change to English or other language)

China and India dominate list for "most polluted" locations on the planet

Story at Protothema

India and Pakistan compete for most polluted citiesEarth.org

Greece is "ideal for digital nomads"

Thanks to legislation passed in the Greek Parliament last year, digital nomads who come to Greece can take advantage of a 50 per cent tax break for the first seven years..."

Story at Euro News

Advice for American expats coming to Australia

American expat reveals the bizarre habit Aussies have when it comes to visiting friends..."

Story at Daily Mail

Worry that British pensions insufficient for EU VisasMSN News

May 18, 2021: Nothing shows the slowing impact of the pandemic like the rejuvenation of "best places for expat living" lists that show up in international media. Below are two new ones:

Places ranked best by expats

Story at Bloomberg

Top ten expat destinations ranked for quality of life aspects

Story at MSN News

Has the expat goal of retiring to a place in the sun vanished?

Story at UK Telegraph

Aussie rules and learning them

A US expat working in Australia as a teacher has been left gobsmacked by some of the bizarre rules kids face in ... schools

Story at News AU

Greece is Europe's next expat destination of choice

A couple could live comfortably there for as little as $2,000 a month, according to International Living. "We've seen a sharp uptick in online traffic to our Greece content in 2021, with the overall traffic to our Greece pages up 41% in the first three months of 2021, when compared to the last period (Oct-Dec) of 2020," says Jennifer Stevens, Executive Editor, International Living.

Story at WGMZ

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